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RIP ValkeaaTaikaa RPG

Mon Dec 4, 2017, 4:14 AM
RIP ValkeaaTaikaa 1997-2017
You lived long, strong and active to your very last day.

This RPG broke records in Finnish canine RPG history in activeness, user amount and of course for lasting bit over 20 years! We had nearly 5000 individual players during all these years and constantly 30-250 players registered. It was chat based online RPG and during the years of 250 players, we had to limit the amount of players we would accept in, since the site did not have capacity for all who would have liked to join. On best days there was 99 joining requests daily - the system was not able to record more (so there was possibility there were even more)!! ValkeaaTaikaa ended while it had about 70 active players registered. Some of our players had been on the board for over 10 years!
This RPG was surely important  to me since it was huge part of my everyday life for so many years. I got all my closest and dearest IRL and URL friends (but also worst enemies) from there. It also had huge impact on my life and helped me to grow up to the person I am now. Since ValkeaaTaikaa was so old concept and chat RPG needs so many hours of daily maintenance, it was not realistic to hold on to it any longer at this stage of my life. So I made this hard decision while I had opportunity (enough distractions IRL) to let it go.

To the future!
It is time to look forward for new and improved RPG experiences in Heritage... It will also be Finnish RPG and forum based with chat option, if you wonder. When it is ready to be published (during this christmas month) I shall post the link here! All the RPG characters in ValkeaaTaikaa are saved and their owners can claim them later from the old sites.

- Kiro

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StarBlueVixen Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2018
Oh noes! Olisi pitänyt liittyä kun liittyminen oli vielä muodissa. Waaaah! 
Riipia Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
VTn tilalla on nyt Heritage!

Konsepti on hieman kehittyneempi kuin VTn (jonka perusta syntyi kun olin 7v... Kertoo varmaan tarpeeksi.) Et menettänyt mitään. xD
StarBlueVixen Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2018
Mitä nyt vaan koko pelin.. =P (Razz)

Katselin tuota Heritagea ja en tiedä, jotenkin minuun ei vain tuo settingi iske niinkuin VT teki.
Hyvä kuitenkin tietää että uutta löytyy, pidän silmällä jos into sittenkin iskee!
Silvolf Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2017  Professional Traditional Artist
It's sad that it's finished but here's to the future! 20 years is a very long time. I've never been able to keep an RP going past like 3 years.
HiddenWolf Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2017
I can relate to RPG being a big impact on one's life... I'm impressed with how long this lasted, I've been in one for 8 years, not even close.

That said, I wish I knew Finnish. Finns love canine RPGs, love fandoms like the Ginga series, the Donald/Scrooge stories by Don Rosa and so on. I'm passionate about those things, too but nowhere on the American/English internet are those as popular as they are in Finland.

Good luck!
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December 4, 2017


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